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Direct Trade Coffee - 
From Farm to Roastery


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Since 2020 we have been working with our partners from Nnengera Kibanga.



It is a matter of heart for us to give something back to the people of Uganda with our coffee trade.



A women's initiative with 50 members who support and train each other.

Wisdom Preschool.png


A project to improve the living conditions of orphaned children who live in the slums of Nauyo.


Since 2020 we have been working with our partners at Nnengera Kibanga - an organization whose mission is to produce premium natural Robusta for the specialty market and to empower the marginalized and vulnerable in the regional coffee growing area.

In addition to growing Robusta plants on over 30ha, they look after several bee colonies on their coffee plantation and breed coffee seedlings.

We have already bought 2,000 coffee seedlings from Nnengera Kibanga, which we have given away to coffee farmers and landowners in the surrounding area so that they can cultivate coffee. A coffee plant needs about 2-3 years before coffee cherries can be harvested for the first time. Until then, the coffee farmers will be accompanied and trained by Gerald Bukenya on how their coffee plants grow most productively.


Under construction - it was and is an affair of the heart for us with our coffee trade to give something back to the people of Uganda and to invest part of our profits in various projects. Ever since Geruga was founded, we have always taken this part of our ventures very seriously and would now like to share the beginnings with you. So you can follow how our Geruga project is growing and developing. We were able to lay the foundation for the project in 2020 by buying a 2ha plot of land on a mountain plateau in the immediate vicinity of Vincent's birthplace. Since it is particularly important to us to support the children in Uganda, but we also want to support the coffee farmers and their families, we have developed the following idea over the years: On the property we will build a part as a playground for the children and youth. There are hardly any playgrounds in Uganda like the ones we know in Germany and other Western countries, and they are certainly not open to the public – accessible to all children. Especially in the rural regions of Uganda, it is difficult for people to earn a school education for their children and so many children have no prospects in their everyday life. With the playground we want to improve their social and community life and offer the children an entertainment opportunity in their free time. Furthermore, part of the property will be used as a coffee education center. We will set up a training center for the surrounding small coffee farmers, where they will be trained and where they can build up a network of like-minded people. In addition, another part of the property is used for coffee cultivation. The region is considered a Robusta cultivation area in Uganda and the slight slope of the property can be ideally used for the cultivation of Robusta plants. We will also integrate young people who are interested in the cultivation, the care of the coffee plants and the harvest in order to make working as a coffee farmer more attractive for them again.


Chebonet Women Coffee Development Association

The CWCDA is an association of women coffee farmers from the Kapchorwa area on Mount Elgon in eastern Uganda. Janet Chemonges is the association's chairperson and our point of contact. She explains that the actual union was meant to support and learn from each other. Today it helps the women farmers to achieve better quality and higher crop yields through better structuring of the fields and learned farming methods.


Since the local market still rarely promotes and rewards high-quality coffee separately, GERUGA Coffee has made it it's business to pay these women a higher price for their specialty coffee to improve their living conditions and to honor their hard work fairly.

Chebonet Women



Wisdom Preschool Nauyo leads an initiative to care for, educate and improve the standard of living of orphaned children aged 10 and over who are living with HIV 3 to 12 years. ​ The lives of the children growing up in the Nauyo slums are characterized by poverty and little prospect of a better future. The Wisdom Preschool project takes in orphaned children whose parents have died of HIV. The majority of the children are also infected with the HIV virus and would have had a very difficult start in their young lives without the great support of the Wisdom Preschool helpers. In addition, one of the most precious gifts is available to them in the Wisdom Preschool - an education with which they can build a perspective. GERUGA Coffee donates to the Wisdom Preschool so that the children can enjoy an education and escape from the often difficult everyday life in the slums. The money is used for food and educational material, but also for a trip fund so that the children have the opportunity to get to know other sides of the country. The aims of the project are also to promote social and economic developments in the Mbale region. Belief in God plays a central role in this and should point the way for the children in order to give them hope and confidence.

Wisdom Preschool
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