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Since 2018 imported GERUGgreen coffees in direct trade from Uganda. One emerges transparent processing from the producer to our roastery. Our coffees are in our source from harvest to processing.

The mineral-rich, volcanic soils and the equatorial climate of Uganda are excellent conditions for high qualityge coffees that are grown purely organically.

Only the red, ripe coffee cherries are picked by our coffee farmers and thus form the basis for our aromatic coffees. We source Arabica and Robusta beans from small farmers and cooperatives in different regions of Uganda. The Arabica grows in the Ugandan highlands on Mount Elgon and matures there for up to 10 months. The Robusta, which grows in the lower areas near Masaka, matures within about 5 months and can therefore be harvested twice a year.

We are regularly in Uganda and maintain close relationships with our producers. Through the transparent trade chain and by skipping numerous middlemen, we can pay the coffee farmers higher prices than the local coffee market price. By buying our coffees, the living conditions of the coffee farmers and their community are improved.



Since 2021 In addition to green coffee, we also sell our owroasted coffee, which we produce ourselves in our roastery in  Roast casserole. We produce four different roasted coffees from our two different raw coffee beans - as single origins and as a blend. The different processing methods of the green coffee and the different degrees of roasting create a variety of flavor nuances.



Coffee Cultivation in Uganda



  • Uganda produces 225,000 tons of green coffee annually, of which around 80% is Robusta and 20% Arabica

  • Robusta coffee is mainly grown in the central lowlands of Uganda


  • Arabica, on the other hand, is found on the mountainous areas in eastern Uganda around Mount Elgon and in western Uganda around the Rwenzori Mountains


  • Coffee is the second most traded tropical product  in the world for oil. Coffee is the main source of income in Uganda

  • Green coffee is Uganda's leading export, accounting for about a quarter of the country's export earnings


  • 90% of the coffees are grown by small farmers and feed more than 3.5 million families

  • Uganda is Africa's second largest coffee exporter after Ethiopia, producing up to 2.5% of the world's crop

  • Globally Uganda is the 4th largest Robusta

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