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Sales and Finances

"It is our highest priority to ensure a level of quality that is appropriate for every part of our retail chain - the coffee farmers, the suppliers, the customers and of course our coffees. "

Sales and Logistics

“GERUGA Coffee is the result of a coffee in which everyone involved gives their best.

It starts with our coffee farmers, with whom we maintain direct contact, and ends with our customers in Germany.

That gives us the quality that inspires us to a new every day. "

Sales roasted coffee
and marketing

"An excellent raw product can only develop its full potential through an equivalent refining process."

Germany & Uganda

"Using the potential of my home country Uganda and bringing it closer to my second home, Germany, is a matter of my heart."



GERUGA was founded in 2018 with the vision of promoting and supporting the people of Uganda. 

Vincent was born and raised in Uganda, so the entire family has a close connection to the country. Through our regular trips to Uganda, we were able to get to know and love the potential and diversity of the country.

In search of exceptional, high-quality coffee, we traveled across Uganda and met many coffee farmers and visited their plantations.


Most complain about the same problems: In addition to the ongoing climate change, the local market prices for coffee are so low that many can no longer make a living from growing coffee alone.

They are forced to co-grow alternative agricultural products for sale.

GERUGA would like to change that and enable the farmers to combine their knowledge, often passed on over several generations, with the requirements for specialty coffees.

We pay the coffee farmers fairly for their elaborate craft and receive a high-quality product in return.

From a part of the income generated, we support not only the producers  also projects in the respective regions, from  where we make our coffees  relate. 

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