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This organically grown quality coffee impresses with its full aroma, fine acidity and the tasteful combination of intensity and fruity freshness.
We obtain the beans for our "SPIRIT" coffee from the Butta Cooperative. This cooperative of more than 50 coffee farmers aims to increase the participation of small farmers in a sustainable and profitable coffee value chain.

Butta's farmers are certified by Ecocert as organic specialty farmers. There is a growing desire to engage in a sustainable and profitable coffee value chain business, starting with production on the coffee plantations, post-harvest handling, storage, bulking, value creation and marketing. Butta coffee farmers are mobilized and their knowledge continuously expanded through training in key core areas including regenerative agriculture, environmental sustainability, and nutrition and food safety through a bespoke farm model, among others. The farmer's coffee is collected, bundled and marketed in the cooperative's central warehouse.

SPIRIT - 100% Organic-Arabica

  • DE-ÖKO-039


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