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All four varieties of the finest coffee specialties GERUGA COFFEE in a package. The coffees are from one source - from the origin to the finished roasted coffee. GERUGA COFFEE only roasts its own imported raw coffee from Uganda and refines it into the finest specialties in its roasting facility in Kassel.

Mama Africa
A coffee with creamy chocolate notes, which it combines with light fruit notes - an extraordinary taste experience. After a sip, the coffee leaves an aromatic, long-lasting aftertaste

Geruga Classic
The perfect fusion of both types of coffee is achieved in a ratio of 60:40 (Arabica:Robusta). This coffee impresses with its balanced aroma and the Robusta content brings an extra kick of caffeine.

Natural Flavor
Powerful espresso, surprisingly fine and sweet for a Robusta.
Prepared as a cappuccino, it has rich and complex toasted notes, with a finish of dried cherries and a barely perceptible acidity.

Black is beautiful
The dark roast gives the coffee almost imperceptible acids and creates a full-bodied aroma with notes of dark chocolate and a hint of sweet marzipan.

Trial package big (4x 500g)

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