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In the country where the last wild gorillas live, our coffee grows at altitudes of 1,800-2,000m in the Mount Elgon area in an ideal ecosystem between banana trees and other shady trees. The gentle giants, as the gorillas are also called, perfectly describe our "Maama Africa" ​​coffee, which has a wonderfully mild taste thanks to its balanced aroma and light sweetness.

Only Arabica coffee beans of the highest quality grade AA are used for this coffee, resulting in a complex body with a low acid content. Due to the altitude, the good water supply from lakes and rivers and the mineral-rich volcanic soil, Mount Elgon offers ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. With these conditions, the "Maama Africa" ​​coffee develops creamy chocolate notes, which it combines with light fruit notes - an extraordinary taste experience. After a sip, the coffee leaves an aromatic, long-lasting aftertaste.

Incl. 7% VAT, plus shipping costs

MAAMA AFRICA – 100% Arabica

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