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Our Robusta coffee grows in the Mpigi region on the fertile soil of Uganda at an altitude of 1,100-1,300m. We obtain it exclusively from smallholders who use neither chemical fertilizers nor pesticides due to the ideal climate and moderate rainfall.


The Robusta is 'natural' processed. This means that the fresh coffee cherries, including the pulp, are dried in the sun for two weeks. A careful selection of the ripe coffee cherries is necessary and they have to be turned several times a day so that the quality of this wholesome green coffee is achieved. 


Our "Nature Flavor" is a powerful espresso, surprisingly fine and sweet for a Robusta.


Prepared as a cappuccino, it has rich and complex toasted notes, with a finish of dried cherries and a barely perceptible acidity.

100% Robusta Screen 18 Green Coffee

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